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Lake Erie Fanfare, Inc. is an all volunteer, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the drum & bugle corps and related activities for their educational, artistic and family oriented entertainment values

The corps was organized and is managed under the auspices of the Lake Erie Fanfare, Inc. The Fanfare is a recognized non-profit 501 c (3) group founded in 1983 with the goal of promoting Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps in our area. The corps is also recognized as Explorer Post 876 of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Lake Erie Regiment had its inaugural season in 1994. The Regiment was started after a 15 year dream of having a junior drum and bugle corps in Erie. During the 1994 season, the corps participated in many local parades and standstill performances including a standstill at the Lake Erie Fanfare Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps competition. The 1994 season was a good start to what was about to come in 1995.

During the 1995 season, the corps joined Drum Corps East, Drum Corps International, O.D.C.A and competed in the Division III category tour. This was a year of growth and great learning. Also, during the 1995 performance season, the Lake Erie Regiment participated in 16 parades, 7 concerts and 6 field shows in 3 states and 2 countries, including our own Lake Erie Fanfare. The corps also participated in the 1995 DCI World Championship, held in Buffalo, New York, in the Division III category. The corps finished 28th at prelims in the first year of field competition.

The 1996 season proved to be even bigger and better than ever! The corps continued in DCE and participated in many Drum Corps South shows in the Division III category. The Regiment participated in many 4th of July Celebrations, numerous parades, The Big 30 Classic Half-time Show, over 10 concerts, and 9 field shows in 7 states including the 1996 DCI World Championships, held in Orlando, Florida. The corps finished 15th at prelims in only the second year on the field. The Regiment also purchased two coach busses, a cook truck, a staff bus and a pit ensemble.

1997 was a year of learning for the corps. We continued our busy schedule of shows, concerts, and parades. We also hosted the DCI-Atlantic Championships for Division II/III in the Lake Erie Fanfare I in Erie Vets Stadium. The Regiment participated in Canada Day Celebrations in Canada and numerous 4th of July Celebrations in the Erie area. Our coach busses and cook truck were brought up to working order and had our logos put on them. We did not make it to finals this year due to financial constraints, however we did place 12th at the Rocky Mount Regional in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

In 1998, the corps made giant leaps and bounds with a first ever appearance in the DCI Atlantic II/III championship show. The corps placed 6th in the championship show. This was the first finals appearance ever for the corps. The corps continued to host two shows; a DCI-Atlantic II/III show in Girard, PA and a DCI show, the Lake Erie Fanfare II in Erie Vets Stadium. The corps made a trip west out to the Coast Guard Open in Michigan and north to the Canadian Open in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada as well as many others in between. The season ended in Orlando, Florida with the Regiment returning to finals competition. The corps placed 11th overall with a best ever score of 83.9.

1999 was an even better year for LER.  We had 6 show wins which included 2   Championships.  LER captured the DCI-Atlantic Division III Championship after a brief storm at Girard, PA.  The corps did their first ever "Champion's Concert" and it is one concert that no fan will soon forget.  Along with the Atlantic Division Championship, LER also captured the Canadian National Championship.   The corps was in many shows and participated in the DCI World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin.  The corps had their highest score ever of 84.0 in prelims and gained World Finalist status with a 7th place finish in prelims.

In 2000, the corps again performed in many shows and parades covering several states. Our season included performances in the Midwest including ones in the RCA Dome and in Chicago as well. Later the corps returned to Canada to successfully defend it's Canadian National Championship Title. We also participated in 3 of the DCI Division II, III Regionals including the Garden State, the Canadian Open and the North American Open which we also hosted in nearby North East. The corps concluded the season by finishing in 9th place with a score of 81.35 at the DCI Division II, III World Championships held in the Washington, DC area.

The 2001 season proved to be a great success. The Corps traveled through the great midwest, where we obtained membership in Drum Corps Midwest. After two successful tours of the midwest, the Corps had a great week in Buffalo, NY. LER placed 8th in prelims.

The 2002 season brought the Firebird to life!  In an effort to give this years corps a truly meaningful show the selection of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite proved to be everything we looked for.  Not only was the show challenging but very crowd pleasing as evidenced by the numerous ovations we received throughout the show.  Although small in number the corps proved very BIG in heart and delivered a powerful performance at every show.  This years tour again took the members to the great midwest twice during the summer as well as numerous local performances and our annual trek to the championships in Madison, WI.  Overall the corps traveled about 8,000 miles and placed 16th in the newly formatted division III finals.  

More History Is Coming Soon!